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AwareAbility Technologies Tackles Internet of Things Challenges

Startup applies new technology to collect and process data from anywhere in the physical world.

AwareAbility Technologies, LLC (AwareAbility) is a startup technology company funded by Rev1 Ventures (Columbus Ohio). Through its association with Rev1, AwareAbility has access to Research and Development from the Ohio State University, in terms of both Patented/Licensed technology as well as services from the various laboratories at the university.

AwareAbility’s mission is to enable businesses to gain new and highly valuable insights via analytics on data from the physical world through the use of Internet of Things technology. We believe there is tremendous value in such insights and we also believe that there are secondary benefits to businesses that attain a repeatable & sustainable capability to data mine the physical world.

At its core, AwareAbility is a solutions company that sits at the intersection of three rapidly expanding technologies :
• Radiological power and detection
• Internet of Things
• Machine Learning

Our custom solutions utilize results from the latest research in electronics power sources and low power radiation detection, from The Ohio State University Nuclear Engineering Program. AwareAbility incorporates this research into customized ultra-low power components and ties this together with its own device and cloud software. Multiple layers of security are designed into the systems, and there is heavy emphasis on machine learning techniques to improve the effectiveness of the solution.

The goal of all of this technology is for AwareAbility to enable businesses to improve bottom line results through new insights gained from data gathered from sources that have been thought too difficult or too expensive. We aim to allow our customers the ability to focus on the analytics, letting us focus on the data challenge.

Our company culture is based on a Design Think inspired philosophy, which values the customer, quality and innovation. The internal development methodology, as well as the basic engagement model, are aligned with this Design Think approach.

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