Our Solutions

AwareAbility tackles your data challenges so you can focus on insights and results.

With AwareAbility, businesses gain valuable insights from IoT devices anywhere data collection is needed – even inside structures or in remote, power-starved environments. AwareAbility makes previously impossible data collection possible.

Information Services

  • End-to-end deployment and configuration of hardware and software customized for any data capture need

Custom IoT Hardware & Software

  • Custom wireless hardware and software that operates in ultra low-power and no-power situations
  • Software optimized to run in Google Cloud
  • Machine learning techniques used to optimize results

Consulting services

  • IoT consulting services
  • Innovation workshops
  • IoT strategy + software development (specializing in Texas Instruments and Google Cloud Technologies)


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Case Studies

AwareAbility empowers businesses to improve bottom-line results.

Smart Infrastructure

The smart city vision includes autonomous vehicles of various types, pedestrians with various wearable electronics, and smart buildings which can all interact with the surrounding city infrastructure in a way that enables citizens to live better and safer lives. One key to achieving this goal is the ability to embed smart wireless electronics into the infrastructure thus allowing buildings, bridges, traffic lights, etc., to actively engage with vehicles and pedestrians. Currently limited by power and connectivity, AwareAbility’s radiologic micro-battery enables a truly smart infrastructure that can provide vehicles (especially autonomous) with the environmental awareness critical to passenger and pedestrian safety as well as new insights into energy usage, information services and structural health. Smart, sensing infrastructure can also provide new and exciting ways to improve customer experience and customer engagement for brick-and-mortar stores, allowing local retailers to provide a shopping experience unmatched by any Internet-only outlet.

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Farm Insurance

Whether reducing crop loss, increasing yield or predicting future growing season costs, farming operations and farm insurance can benefit from Internet of Things technologies. Current data is limited to broad tracking of weather and soil conditions; AwareAbility’s farm solutions can gather dozens of parameters at hundreds of points building a clear and continuous picture of farm health. Using this “microenvironment” information over extended periods of time, and correlating that information with detailed soil condition data along with seed and planting information can uncover new patterns that help explain year-over-year variations in crop yield. Not only does the farmer gain actionable insight into his operations, insurance companies are better able to assess risk and lower costs.

The challenges of deploying IoT to a rural environment can be daunting. Not only is there a communication challenge, power is difficult over much of a farm’s expanse. AwareAbility can overcome these challenges by eliminating the drawbacks of wired, solar or wind-based solutions. Additionally, AwareAbility’s machine learning approach, applied to a widely distributed local network of devices, provides superior knowledge while reducing the raw data that needs to be collected and processed.

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Border Security

With an ever-increasing security threat to our nation posed by small groups and even single individuals, border security is a real concern. The ability to monitor vast stretches of both the northern and southern border of the United States is a daunting challenge. Long-range IoT devices capable of being deployed in remote areas – devices which are equipped to monitor some of the most dangerous materials – can prove to significantly reduce security risk in remote border locations. AwareAbility creates IoT devices that can function in extremely remote situations for over a decade at a time. We also offer unique sensing capabilities that provide superior radiation detection across very large remote areas. AwareAbility also supplies unique ground-sensing technologies that can detect underground activity such as tunneling. These AAT technologies can also protect key transportation hubs like airports and rail stations, and large public gatherings such as designated National Special Security events.

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